Saturday, January 5, 2008

Here I go.

My friend Karen told me that our mutual friend Catalina wants to start a blog. I assumed it was easy, but since I'd never done it I figured I should just start my own so that I could tell her how to do it. The problem was that I think that blogging is nothing but masturbation, and since so much that passes for discourse is also masturbatory, the notion has always seemed particularly unsavory. Then it occurred to me that a blog could serve a useful purpose: it could help me by serving as a journal for my historical studies; and it might convey some of my newfound enthusiasm for history. If I can put an extra coat on the very thin paint that is my memory, while potentially helping someone else to discover the excitement of history, then a little wanking might not be out of order. There's also the nice fringe benefit of the release valve: maybe writing about my enthusiasm du jour will help me refrain from talking my friends' ears off about it.

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